Manicure for a teenager

This is the most popular hand care for 10 euros.

Feel free to experiment and try something new.

The master uses new technologies, carefully arranges the nails, gives them the desired shape and varnishes them in the color you like.

A classic manicure for a teenager is a convenient service for those who want to take care of their hands and nails and keep them in excellent condition. This manicure is suitable for nails of any length. You can also choose a pedicure procedure >>

Your hands will always look neat and well-groomed if you do a manicure every 10 or 12 days.


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When you feel that the daily work routine has really exhausted you, do not hesitate to visit us. We will do our best to put your mind at ease and bring you joy after a manicure or pedicure. Choose any color of nail polish and we will customize it for you.

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